Hog Roast

Whole hog to serve 100, including freshly baked bread and apple sauce, cook/carver - £7.95 per head


To accompany your hog roast we have the following salad options, please choose three.

  1. Homemade coleslaw
  2. Potato salad with sweet gherkins
  3. Crisp lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber with roasted sunflower and sesame seeds and French dressing
  4. Tomato salad with red onions and jalepeno peppers and corriander
  5. Vegetable rice salad
  6. Salad Nicoise 
  7. Traditional Greek salad
  8. Mixed olives


  • Warm new potatoes with lemon and garlic dressing £2.50 per head
  • Freshly made soup of your choice (ask for available choices) @ £4:00 per head
  • Hotpot with red cabbage @ £6:95 per head
  • Finger buffet starting from £5.50 per head, (ask for menu options)
  • Rotiserie chicken £6:00 per head


all @ £3.00 per head

  • Chocolate and raspberry desert
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Apple pie and cream
  • Cheese board